Artisanal wooden jigsaw puzzles made in the USA.
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Artifact Puzzles - Rachell Sumpter Chinatown Quadtych Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Artifact Puzzles - Rachell Sumpter Chinatown Quadtych Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 234.00

This 1,121 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle features the color-spectacular ChinaTown by Rachell Sumpter. The painting is a quadtych - click through the alternate images to see all 4 panels.  This puzzle features a buffet of chinatown-themed whimsies, from karate masters to pagodas, with T-shaped connectors. Each of the four panels has straight edge. This puzzle is a big challenge! Puzzle design by Matt Lyon and Jef Bambas.  Like all our puzzles, laser-cut from 1/4" thick wood. Packaged in our standard pine wood box. Made in USA. Total size: 41" x 13" (four 10" x 13" panels).

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Name: Kim
Review: Great fun! I do puzzles all the time and this has been challenging and fun. Make more like this one!
Name: Joyce Gunn
Review: This is a very challenging puzzle...and a very beautiful one. It is fascinating to construct because it has so many vignettes in the panels, so many different colors and designs. When completed, it shows a Chinese New Year celebration with everyone in their winter clothing. The precise intricacy of the cut of the pieces is amazing. And there is an interview with the artist on the website. Note -- be sure you have a long enough space for the completed puzzle.
Name: Sara
Review: It was a joy to put together. Full of surprises and always engaging. Beautiful colors, quality pieces. I hope Artifact creates more 1000 piece puzzles in the future. My only critique is perhaps consider making the box ever slightly taller. I was nervous to crunch some pieces. But I might just be bad at putting stuff away. 😆
Name: Helen
Review: Chinatown delivers exceptional puzzle-pleasure. The colors in the art make the pieces look like jewels scattered on the table. The design is a treasure box of unexpected and sophisticated tricks, with unexpected multi-dimensional elements that add to the delight of solving. If you love big, unusual jigsaw puzzles, this one delivers great price/performance. It is, roughly speaking, a long rectangle, so be sure to have a table that is big enough to comfortably work it. Embrace the surprises!
Name: Stephanie T.
Review: This puzzle is EXCELLENT - truly, the best puzzle (of any kind) I have done. It's challenging, interesting, and chock full of great surprises. I balked a little at the price point, and the notion of 4 separate panels seemed...well, unimpressive when I was considering how to spend my puzzle budget. This is where a wholehearted recommendation for the wooden puzzle club ( comes into play - this one puzzle pays for the entire membership AND you get to keep doing others. Puzzle subscription aside, this puzzle is an incredible experience by itself, and if you are considering buying just one Artifact puzzle, for yourself or as a gift, Chinatown is a top contender. Trust me when I say it will bring delight to puzzlers and non-puzzlers alike (though non-puzzlers should be ready to put in some time and maybe get some help from someone that has done a wood puzzle before). Recommend it for anyone that likes: legos, surprises, detail, Where's Waldo, and of course those that have already bought into the Artifact cult. In addition to being quite a bit more challenging than other puzzles (wooden or cardboard due to large piece count, relatively similar and image complexity), the joy of figuring out how the mixed media pieces is unmatched by any other puzzle I've encountered. I'd explain more, but I honestly think the experience of this puzzle is an order of magnitude better if you don't know what to expect. Buy, borrow or steal it as soon as you can!