Ecru Puzzles - Jethro Buck Forest Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 80.00


This is a beautiful 285 piece Ecru wooden jigsaw puzzle of contemporary British artist Jethro Buck's Forest, painted in the 21st century but using the traditional style of richly-detailed Indian miniature painting.

The puzzle difficulty is average for its piece count. The puzzle has a lazy hand-drawn irregular edge, themed whimsy pieces, irregular-shaped pieces with knob connectors. Puzzle design by Matt Lyon. 

Our Ecru puzzles line has matte images for reduced glare and a more beautiful puzzling experience. 

Like all our puzzles, made of 1/4" thick laser-cut wood and made in the USA.

Packaged in our standard pine wood box.

Formerly Mystery Puzzle #8

11.75" by 12.5"

Manufacturer recommended age: 15 years and up

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    Name: Gina, MD
    Review: Quick but fun. Trick is looking for different green patterns for trees.
    Name: Erin, CA
    Review: It's pretty dark... harder than I thought it'd be but still pretty quick.
    Name: Pamela
    Review: Perfect Christmas week puzzle. Nobody was able to walk past it without sitting a few minutes. Ultimately my daughter in law and I finished it up. Very satisfying and not at all frustrating. Will be a joy to pass on to my puzzling friends.
    Name: Ronald S Lehner
    Review: Like other reviewers, I thoroughly enjoyed this puzzle. With vibrant colors and hidden secrets in the pieces, I found this one, though not necessarily easy, a joy to construct. I absolutely love the interlocking design and interwoven textures of each and every unique tree. The mixture of the foliage and small critters combine to make the overall scene one of a relaxing atmosphere, and when complete is truly warm and beautiful. You will like this one.
    Name: Sandy Jackson
    Review: What a delightful puzzle! It is so beautifully made: the cut lines almost disappear when put together. Each tree is a little puzzle in itself, which makes it fun for two people to work on. The wiggly border is wonderful. This puzzle is one of our favorites. It's fairly easy, so if you don't look at the picture it will be more fun.