Artifact Puzzles - Tomasz Pietrzyk Clocks Double-Sided Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 61.00


This 148 piece double-sided wooden jigsaw puzzle of Tomasz Pietrzyk's "Clocks" illustrations. Unlike most clocks, this one changes time when it turns upside-down. (Alternatively, embrace your inner horologist and take it apart, then put it back together again.) You'll find a number of intriguing whimsies as you solve this circular puzzle - you won't feel the need to clock out.

This puzzle is harder than our average puzzle.

Designed by Jef Bambas.

Like all our puzzles, laser-cut from 1/4" thick wood. Packaged in a small blue box with a magnetic clasp. Made in USA.

9.5" diameter

Manufacturer recommended age: 15 years and up

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Name: Sonoma Helen
Review: One the best double-sided puzzles around. There are very few double-sided puzzles. This one is unique because of the quality. Image is beautiful and the wood pieces feel silky to the touch. Being double-sided, the pieces are in your fingers more as you solve, flipping them over again and again. The day-into-night theme on both sides echoes the double-sided turnover theme of the puzzle beautifully. Hugely good value because it's more fun that two separate same sized puzzles.
Name: John
Review: I love your website
Name: Brenda J
Review: Our family has enjoyed this Clocks puzzle a lot. It’s just the right amount of challenge, has good color variations, the pictures and the whimsy pieces add to the fun, and choosing between the two sides keeps us entertained. I highly recommend this puzzle!
Name: Michael Fox
Review: Wow. Ordering this one. You all are outdoing yourselves.