Artifact Puzzles - Vladstudio Paris Map Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 97.00


This is a really hard 384 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle of a map of Paris created by Vladstudio.

The puzzle has a decorative fleur-de-lis edge (irregular edge) and 20 Paris-themed whimsy pieces from Napoleon on horse-back to Gerard Depardieu in a chef's hat. The pieces are irregularly-shaped with lots of curlicues and knob connectors. NOTE: The irregular edge is not shown in the image on the box! The puzzle was designed by silhouette artist Kathryn Flocken. Overall the puzzle is kind of hard.

The puzzle pieces are laser-cut and are 1/4" thick wood. Packaged in a pine wood box with sliding lid.

Made in USA.

  • 384 pieces
  • 17" x 11"
  • laser cut wooden jigsaw puzzle
  • Made in USA

Manufacturer recommended age: 15 years and up

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Name: Sandy Jackson
Review: I have many, many Artifact puzzles and this is one of my favorites. It is plenty difficult if you don't look at the picture (or a map) and try to remember what part of Paris goes where. It would be a tedious mess of lines with names of streets except for the little drawings and labels of landmarks. Start there, try to get them in the correct orientation and fill in the streets and water. This was challenging and great fun!
Name: Michael Fox
Review: This puzzle is perfection! I am pretty sure this puzzle is what it feels like to get lost in Paris, though I might suggest that after assembling this puzzle, you might be able to give directions in Paris. So intricate. The painting and the cut put left and right brain equally to work. It is a difficult, rather large and complex, puzzle. Who'd have known a map could be so gorgeous.
Name: JJ
Review: In the past, I have never wanted to work a puzzle of a map....period, full stop! However, after I found working the small Eiffel Tower puzzle such a delight, I was drawn deeper toward the theme of Paris and, thus, became intrigued in giving the Paris Map puzzle a try. Maps usually seem too regimented and boring, and this one, in particular, looked like those traits might also make it seem too difficult. But, the more I looked at the Paris Map, the more I was drawn to it. I believe the vast brown background is what made me the most nervous about whether it would be too difficult and less fun (not exactly the combination any of us is ever looking for). In reality, I found the puzzle to have beautifully rich, varying shades of brown. That canvas, along with the interwoven river, the green areas, and the many landmark buildings, all made for an immensely fun puzzle to work! The pieces are uniquely shaped, with some of them having a curled, swirly shape. A few of the interior pieces mimic the shapes found in the border, adding further complexity and fun. There is an abundance of imaginative Paris themed whimsies spread throughout the puzzle. The elaborate border is masterfully designed, a true work of art, and so much fun to build! I love the substantial way the wooden pieces feel in my more cardboard puzzles for me! I'm so glad I gave this map style of puzzle a chance, as it was challenging (the good kind), while also providing hours of superior puzzling fun!
Name: Denise CC
Review: This is my very favorite Artifact puzzle. It's full of delightful surprises such as location of the whimsy pieces is sometimes geographically accurate. If you know know Paris street locations, you have an advantage. If you don't, you'll have an opportunity to familiarize yourself with a fascinating city while completing a challenging puzzle. It's a vacation in a box!