Artifact Puzzles - Monet Bridge Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 45.00


This 156 piece piece wooden puzzle features one of Monet's most famous paintings. The puzzle has 14 themed whimsy pieces including Monet himself and ladies with parasols, as well as delightful leaf-shaped and bird-shaped connectors, all designed by Kathyrn Flocken (to see example pieces, click on the little picture underneath the image picture above). This puzzle has a straight edge, but is harder than average for its size. The puzzle is laser-cut in the USA out of 1/4" wood, and is packaged in a small box with a magnetic clasp.

  • 156 pieces
  • 8" x 10"
  • laser cut wooden jigsaw puzzle
  • Made in USA

    Manufacturer recommended age: 15 years and up

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Name: Claire, NE
Review: Easy due to size but the colors make more challenging
Name: Timothy Wright
Review: I read a review on Amazon, some guy deducted stars because it was not easy and some pieces were on the small side. Dumb Asp. The two saving graces are the brown bottom edge and the arch bridge. That is where I started. All the lily pads are much like photos of naked wimmin. Even after a long close look one is never sure which way is up. So getting all the lily pad fleet in formation was a bit of a job. Only after that area was organized did the bridge started falling in place for me. Then the top central area maybe an "upstream" but it looks much like the lily pad swamp in the foreground. I was able to exploit the normal edge. Then their are about 5, 6 or 7 tiny connector pairs that look like a perched bird; the pairs are almost interchangeable. Of course the connectors may fit but pieces are not interchangeable. I don't drink but I see how a cold bottle of good German dry white wine could be helpful finding all the tiny bird pairs. They well hide in the bone pile. So it is interesting, challenging, detailed work, rewarding with many whimsical pieces. I can see how anything this cerebral and classy is not for everyone. Puzzle needs a disclaimer; not recommended for "Hoi Polloi" or their friends. 156 pieces, 140 minutes; I'd rate it somewhere between "hard-average" and "average-Kinda hard". Very do able with a little focused effort.
Name: Michael Fox
Review: Pardon the repetition, but I will repeat this review for each of the three Monet puzzles in Artifact’s collection: Bridge, Woman with Parasol, and L'Ete (Which I'm pretty certain is French for, "There's that woman looking for her parasol.") All three puzzles share Monet's distinctive style and pallete. I love the latter's border with the fleur de lis. Best suggestion is to to get a room at the coast during the rainy season and take all three puzzles. All three are excellent puzzles to accompany a spiritual or silent retreat.
Name: JJ
Review: Monet Bridge is a beautiful little puzzle that was extremely enjoyable to put together. The colors in this impressionistic picture, combined with the creative design and cut of the puzzle, made working it so much fun! The quality of the pieces, as well as every element leading through to the finished puzzle, are all excellent. The artistically shaped pieces, with their leaf, bird, and flower connectors, are completely in harmony with the painting. The theme of the painting is perfectly represented by the numerous people, animal and bug shaped whimsies. It's easy to imagine seeing a lady with her parasol peering over the side of the bridge, so she can better see the cute little turtle and frog sitting right near the water's edge, and hearing all the sounds of nature. I won't list all of the other whimsies, so you can have the fun of discovering all 14 of them for yourself. I love working all of my Artifact puzzles, and this one is now on my list of favorites!
Name: Nancy
Review: I enjoy the themed whimsy puzzles of this well constructed wooden puzzle. Due to the style of Monet's painting, I had to rely more on puzzle shape and color rather than the picture to complete this puzzle. Artifact Puzzles make a pleasurable puzzling time. It packs fun in only 156 pieces.