Artifact Puzzles - Six Days Of Holiday Cheer Advent Calendar Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 75.00


This special 182 piece puzzle has 12 cheerful mini holiday images (only two of which are shown) nestled in a holiday wreath with an irregular edge. 

Inside the wood box, the puzzle is packed in 6 cute red/gold/green bags marked Day 1, Day 2, ... Day 6.

Each day's bag has ~30 pieces of the puzzle that makes up 2 of the 12 mini-images, and joins to the previous day's puzzle. 

You can puzzle over 6 days to ramp-up into the holiday spirit, count-down to Christmas, or to just divvy-up the puzzle amongst different friends and family to do together at once.

To keep this puzzle from being too easy, we are only showing you 2 of the 12 mini-images, and the box will also only show you the 2 images (so this is partly a "mystery puzzle"). All 12 images feature cute animals enjoying the holidays. 

(This holiday puzzle is designed to be enjoyable by everyone. For a religious Christmas puzzle, check out our Adoration of the Magi).

Overall this puzzle is of average difficulty if you do it 30 pieces at a time as packaged because each set of 30 pieces mostly connects together. But if you dump all the pieces out and do them all at once, this puzzle would be a bit harder than average. 

The puzzle design by Matt Lyon has square-ish pieces on a circular grid with knob connectors  and some whimsical connectors, and a sleigh-full of holiday whimsies, from snowmen to Santa Claus to teddy bears to ice skaters!

Re-pack different chunks of puzzles in tbe six bags for a different experience next December!

Like all our puzzles, laser-cut from 1/4" thick wood, and Made In USA.

Packaged in a pine wood box with sliding lid and engraved side label.

There is a picture on the box but it only shows one of the six days images.

Creating the artwork was a team effort of Jim Muller, Gary Hertel, Matt Lyon, and Maya Gupta using DALL-E. An extra thanks to Gary Hertel for suggesting we do an advent puzzle!

 Manufacturer recommended age: 15 years and up

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Name: Marcelyn
Review: I want to nominate this puzzle as the perfect first Artifact puzzle. I’ve loaned it to five friends so far and all were intrigued. Why is it perfect? 1. Its completed form is charming and unexpected; 2. Thirty pieces in a little bag present a challenge and a feeling of accomplishment, but no fear; 3. Each segment feels complete because it includes two circular vignettes; 4. There are whimsies in every bag, and each is recognizable as soon as the pieces are turned out. 5. Two-piece whimsies offer an additional surprise (e.g., juxtaposition of sled and person pulling it); and 6. There is enough variety in connectors — including themed connectors — to assist less accomplished constructors. BTW, when I first took puzzle pieces out of the numbered bags, I used markers to put different colored dots on each bagful. That allows each constructor to repack the pieces as they received them.
Name: Jessica
Review: I really enjoyed doing this puzzle! I meant to do it over the six days before Christmas but ended up doing it in one session instead. It was too cute! I had to see the whole thing together! I loved the artwork, the pieces, even the smell of the box it came in. I can't wait to get another Artifact puzzle!
Name: Eileen
Review: This was my first Artifact puzzle and it was amazing! I loved the surprises and the customer service can't be beat.