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Artifact Puzzles - Erin Hanson Crystal Grove Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Artifact Puzzles - Erin Hanson Crystal Grove Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 84.00

This is a 357 piece puzzle of Erin Hanson's painting, "Crystal Grove". With split tendril connectors and similar colors sweeping across much of the image, this puzzle is one of the most difficult we make. The puzzle is designed by Tara Flannery and Jef Bambas, inspired by a tessellation by Mark Dow. Its pattern and whimsies pair well with Erin Hanson's Open Impressionism art style and emphasis on movement in the landscape. If you are looking for a gorgeous and challenging puzzle, this one is for you. (Really hard difficulty.)

Like all our puzzles, laser-cut from 1/4" thick wood. Packaged in our standard pine wood box. Made in USA (specifically, in Fremont, California).

10" by 16"

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Name: Janet Pope
Review: Such a challenging puzzle! The feeling of accomplishment upon completion made it worth all the work.
Name: Sue Blumberg
Review: An absolute joy. I had been waiting for this to come back in stock and ordered immediately when it was; I was not disappointed. I laid the pieces out, and my first thought was, “Dear God, what fresh hell is this?!” It looked so daunting. But once you get into the rhythm, it starts to flow and feels like a wonderful challenge. Gorgeous colors. Like a previous reviewer, I, too, had a couple of slightly chipped pieces, which I had not had with previous split tendril Artifact puzzles. Giving it a pass here as a fluke in the normally impeccable quality of all my other Artifacts.
Name: Margaret
Review: I love this puzzle! When this puzzle came back in stock I ordered it immediately and I have been having a really wonderful time working on it. It seems impossible at first but slowly it starts to come together and it's challenging and fun. I have several pieces that are chipped at the tips, which I feel is understandable given the cut of the pieces, but none are so bad that it detracts greatly from the picture. All in all I am very happy with this puzzle, but might think twice before sending as a gift due to the chipped pieces.
Name: Shani
Review: I really loved this puzzle! Contrary to some other reviewers' experiences, I did not find it significantly harder than Layers of Afternoon. Layers was my first split tendril puzzle and, after doing that, this one went pretty quickly. The colors are so vibrant and beautiful - it is really a pleasure to put together and just to look at. I generally prefer the matte finish of the Ecru puzzles and I thought that the glare of the shine might take away from this one, but it didn't - it still looked great when complete and the colors were still bright. I think that the impressionist style of the image lends itself to the puzzle format, as the swirly lines of the pieces don't take away from the overall picture. (I have done other puzzles where the shininess and the lines made it almost impossible to see and appreciate the finished image.) Definitely a favorite!
Name: Cindy L
Review: If I could take only one puzzle with me to a desert island, it would be this one. Why? First, it's hard. Really hard. It amazes me that something the size of a dinner placemat could take so long and be so challenging to put together. Second, the cut of the pieces: I'd never heard of split tendril connectors before. Wow. On first glance, all the pieces look nearly identical. Indeed there's a short but definite learning curve to figuring out how the pieces connect; but once you do, it's off to the races. The swirling designs created by the interlocking tendrils are works of art in themselves, making the whole journey of assembling this puzzle a delight for the eyes. Finally, there's the Crystal Grove painting itself, which is stunning with its vibrant colors and flowing composition. This puzzle epitomizes what makes all Artifact Puzzles so appealing: quality materials, intelligent design, and beautiful artwork.