Artisanal wooden jigsaw puzzles made in the USA.
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Artifact Puzzles - Abu al-Hasan Squirrels Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Artifact Puzzles - Abu al-Hasan Squirrels Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 40.00

Here is a 155 piece wooden jigsaw puzzles of Abu al-Hasan's "Squirrels." Designed by Jef Bambas, this puzzle features a fun edge, classic puzzle connectors, and squirrely whimsies. It's a challenge despite its smaller size - you'll go nuts over this one!

Like all our puzzles, laser-cut from 1/4" thick wood. Packaged in our small blue box with magnetic clasp. Made in USA (specifically, in Fremont, California). 

7" by 11"

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Name: Timothy Wright
Review: This was great fun, starting with the irregular edge, anything with a straight edge, and their are many, can't be a border piece. In general each group of 4 pieces has a small or whimsical piece in their center. All the squirrels (about 10), dozens of birds and maple leaves everywhere make this puzzle a challenge. I thought starting with the rocks might be easy, not so much... My time ended up at 155 pieces in 150 minutes or about one piece per minute. I think that will be a respectable time for one person and so much fun. My friend friend who NEVER looks at the box is taking this one home with her. I had to use the box to place each branch, each squirrel and every bird. She generally does puzzles in the same time I do with out looking at the box but this time I think I have the advantage. So hard as to not be a tedious bore, still possible to finish in one day or one sitting. This puzzle is rated "Really Hard" by Artifact, and I think that is an accurate rating without the epic effort required for a 500 or 1000 piece "Really Hard" jigsaw puzzle.
Name: Diane
Review: Just finished this puzzle. At first I thought it was going to be very easy as it took just half hour to do the first half. Ha! took me 1 1/2 hr to finish the other half.
Name: Michael Fox
Review: This puzzle is beautiful! Many individual pieces have the look of exotic, vintage Hawaiian shirt patterns. Pieces are a bit larger than other Artifact puzzles and, therefore, are more substantial. They feel a bit like pieces of pottery in your hand. The puzzle is challenging, has a lovely cut, but is not overly difficult. Has a very good price point. Another one of my new favorites!
Name: Martha
Review: I really liked this one. It was a pleasant challenge, not at all maddening. I thought its particular combination of image and cut gave it a very exotic feel.