Artifact Puzzles - Rachel Pedder-Smith Herbarium Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 35.00


This is a 79 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle featuring Rachel Pedder-Smith's Herbarium. Don't let the low piece count fool you -- this one is tough. Jef Bambas' unique mini-hex piece design coupled with the complexity of the herbs makes for a fun and challenging puzzle given it is only 79 pieces.  

Like all our puzzles, laser-cut from 1/4" thick wood. Packaged in our small blue box with magnetic clasp. Made in USA.

  • 79 pieces
  • 18.25" x 3"
  • laser cut wooden jigsaw puzzle
  • Made in USA

    Manufacturer recommended age: 15 years and up

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Name: Lynn S.
Review: Unique because it’s a long rectangle shape (I think that’s why there’s another review complaining about a small image on the puzzle box - true), but I just don’t care for the subject matter (It was on sale locally so I grabbed it). It was fun to do once and challenging given all of the white background but not something I personally would revisit. If the subject matter appeals to you, this would easily be a four or five star puzzle especially given the count of pieces.
Review: Need better photo to reference. This is a challenging puzzle and fun, however the reference photo image is digitized and small, making it more difficult. Recommendation: Include better quality photo with your puzzles. Would give a 5 star if this was included. These chemical structure pieces add to the quality of the difficulty and complexity given the unique photo. Love putting this together!
Name: Michele
Review: I absolutely loved this puzzle. For a small puzzle it was very challenging at first, but once I got started it slowly came together. There were times when I was stuck for a while. but then I'd see something and slowly proceed again. I think it would have gone faster it I had gotten my magnifying glass out, but I didn't want it to go faster! Don't want to give anything about it away, however, I will say that the puzzle pieces are unique and make the puzzle very different from other puzzles. It is more than worth the money. It was a lot of fun and I highly recommend it.
Name: Stephen
Review: Oh my goodness! This is the most difficult low piece-count puzzle I have ever built. I tried building it without looking at the picture, but knowing that the size was 18x3 and what the theme was obviously. I had seen the picture. So, I dumped the puzzle out and turned the box upside down. 8 hours later I had a number of doublets, triplets, and a few quadruplets. Still , 40 or so of the pieces were unpaired! It was taking me 20-30 minutes to place each piece. I finally conceded defeat and turned the box so I could see the picture. Getting out my old trusty puzzle light and magnifying glass, I was able to place my groups sort of where they belonged and started making some connections. About 5 hours later, with 15 pieces left, I hobbled into bed exhausted. 2 more hours of work early in the morning and I finally completed it. Even with 5 or 6 pieces left, it was a challenge! This puzzle is VERY HIGH VALUE for the money. The pieces are long, huge and complicated, hence the low piece count, but the square inches make it a larger puzzle than you think for the piece count! You definitely want to get this one for your self and for your cerebral friends! Challenge them to build it without looking at the picture and see how long they can go! I am sure it is doable, but it would probably take 6-7 days at 8 hours a day and psychological that is just WRONG for a 79 piece puzzle! LOL. So worth it!
Name: Hronir Jones
Review: One of the best value puzzles, took me quite a few hours to do, it's a lot like solving a series of floral Find Waldo challenges, but the strangely snakes pieces make it hard even after you are pretty sure you have found a match. Never got too frustrating, rather I consistently felt optimistic that I was about to find the next piece... and then fifteen minutes later I was still looking!