Artifact Puzzles - Haeckel Sea Squirts Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 84.00


This 301 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle is an 1899 illustration of Sea Squirts by German naturalist Haeckel. Sea squirts are a class of sea creatures a bit like barnacles, but more colorful in every way, and difficult to raise in captivity, so most people never get to see one (see wikipedia for more information).

Like all our puzzles, made of 1/4" wood in the USA.

Packaged in a pine wood box with sliding lid, small picture on the box, and engraved side label. 

Note: This is a re-issue of an older version of this puzzle that used to have a black background and a different puzzle design by Seattle artist Maria Berg. 

  • 301 pieces
  • 10.5" x 14.75"
  • laser-cut wooden jigsaw puzzle
  • Made in USA
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 15 years and up

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Name: Carol Brouillet
Review: A gorgeous puzzle! I enjoyed doing it immensely! The colors, the unusual cut, not too hard, nor too easy, just a great pleasure to piece together. I must admit that when I do puzzles, especially for the very first time, I generally never look at the finished image of the puzzle, simply because it is more challenging that way, and to my point of view, more fun to be surprised when one sees the connections and attaches chunks of the puzzle together. I imagine that the experience would be quite different if one actually knew where the various sea squirts went, how they were shaped, and in what proximity to one another. However, I can understand that people with Alzheimers might appreciate a little help and being able to see the finished image might make the puzzle less daunting to them. I would rate it very high on the simply "enjoyable" category, and trust that people can determine for themselves whether to do it the easy or the hard way...
Name: Hazel Altan
Review: This was my very first Artifact puzzle and from the moment I opened the box, I was completely and utterly enchanted. The scent and feel of the wooden pieces, the laser-sharp edges, the brilliant colors and fantastical interlocking shapes within the whole gorgeous, integrated, artfully creative design -- every single aspect of this puzzle is exquisite. It's compelling and entertaining to do, just tricky enough to keep you challenged and delighted as you complete one after another of these amazing creatures. I have shared this one with so many people - it's a perfect exemplar of the Artifact brand - stunningly well designed with great artistic integrity and purely a joy to experience. *beginning puzzler tip - if you do this one on a cutting board or similar mobile surface, it's super fun to turn it over once it's finished to see all the interlocking designs without the colorful image. I haven't ever put it together that way (upside down) but it might be a great challenge for someone.
Name: Jane H
Review: My family loves this puzzle, beautiful and was so fun to do. I was happily surprised to to see the illustration in large scale in a landing at the D'Orsay in Paris!
Name: Howard
Review: Our eldest, had in a two-hour session of deep concentration, pieced the sea creatures together last night! Voila!
Name: Lila Austin
Review: nice distinct areas; wonderful pieces and really enjoyed the design as it came together