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Winning Photos from our Summer Photo Contest!

Here are the winning photos from our Summer Photo Contest, we thank everyone for their great entries!

The only rule was the photo had to include at least one puzzle piece!

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First Place Winners:

"Puzzle Romance" by Martha H. of Wisconsin: 

These great whimsy pieces are by puzzle artist Kathryn Flocken from our First Tiff puzzle (now discontinued).


"Get a Horse" by Gayle M. of Pennsylvania


Gayle tells us that this photo's title, "Get a horse!" is from back in the early days of automobiles--late 19th into the early 20th century - apparently when people riding horses would pass by a broken-down automobile (which was frequently), they would yell at the driver with derision, "Get a horse!" 

The toy truck is reportedly an AC BullDog Mack from the early 20th century, the truck is carrying pieces from Connaissance and the adorable rocking horse whimsy is by puzzle artist Jef Bambas from The Carrot

Second Place Winners:

"Katarina the Cat does Cats" by JoAnne J. of Tennessee

Katarina is doing Utagawa's Cats.


"Stitch It Up" by Smita D. of Ohio


Not the usual way to get a puzzle together... this is Raoul Dufy's Boats.


"Crocodile Clean Up" by Peter G. of California 

Featuring the lightning bolt whimsy from Computer Catastrophes

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