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Wicker Kittens, Puzzle Club

Since the beginning of motion pictures, competitions of all kinds have been a huge subject of interest: there is no shortage of baseball movies, or films about spelling bees, or car racing. In the last few years there has been a documentary about a competition that hits a little more closer to home for us and goes by the name "Wicker Kittens." This feature length documentary explores competitive jigsaw puzzling at the largest contest in the country at the St. Paul Winter Carnival. 

Do you and your puzzle family think that you have what it takes to compete at this top level. Check out the details for next year's contest!

Here are the results for this year's competition, as you can see, Wicker Kittens took the title again! Maybe you have what it takes to dethrone the kitties?

Just in case you can't make it over to St. Paul, here are some other nationwide jigsaw puzzle competitions to soothe your puzzle cravings. 

Happy (competitive) Puzzling!

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