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What New Puzzles are Coming Into Stock in April?

We know we've been a little slow getting new puzzles out, but we're happy to tell you that we do have 3-5 big new puzzles that should be in-stock in April.

Here's what's about to come out:

Emu Afternoon Tea - 346 pieces - pretty challenging, fun Australian whimsies. Design by Jef Bambas 

Charles Courtney Curran Lillies around 300 pieces. Pieces are slightly bigger than our usual pieces.  Lots of frogs! Pretty challenging. Puzzle design by Jef Bambas.

Edvard Munch The Scream - Snaky, mini-hex pieces make this one of our hardest puzzles yet (~250 pieces)! Features anxious, Norwegian-y whimsies by Maria Berg. 

Vikram Madan North Star - ~350 pieces, with themed cute monster and adventurer whimsies and reverse-curl-mushroom pieces designed by Tara Flannery. 

Randall Spangler Fireside Fairytales - Fairies and Dragons gather in the library for story-time, a pleasure for all-ages. This ~300 piece puzzle features lots of themed whimsies; puzzle design by David Figueras.

Happy Spring!






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