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Warning: Free shipping is unusually slow this year - email us if you need a tracking number

When you order from our website, the order goes directly to amazon's warehouse where our puzzles are waiting to get shipped to you, and we pay amazon to handle getting our orders shipped out.

Usually their "free shipping" option takes 5-10 days.

However, we're seeing some unusual cases this holiday season where free shipping is taking up to 20 days, so some puzzles ordered as early as Dec 12 are not expected to arrive until Dec 30.

We're trying to be pro-active and identify these cases and let people know, but if you are at all worried, please email us at and we'll get you a tracking number. 

Unfortunately, we can't speed up the shipping once it's packed-to-go, but we can at least get you the tracking number. 

If you are ordering now for Xmas, definitely pay the $9 flat rate for 2-day shipping, and from sat Dec 21 on, please use 1-day shipping for $17 flat rate.

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