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Try Your Hand At Speed-Puzzling! (Bay Area Los Gatos and Half Moon Bay)

We're sponsoring 3 in-person speed-puzzling contests this Sept/Oct in the San Francisco & Silicon Valley area.  

Each contest will have around 15 teams of 2 puzzlers, and these are newcomer-friendly events that take place in wine bars and make for a great date night or friend-night. 

To make it fair, each contest puzzle is a never-before-seen Artifact Puzzle of around 200 pieces.  You get to keep the puzzle.

Thursday, September 21: in Half Moon Bay at the Fattoria E Mare Wine Bar at 315 Main Street

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Thursday, September 28: in Los Gatos at the Enoteca La Storia at 416 N. Santa Cruz Ave 

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Thursday, October 12: in Half Moon Bay at the Fattoria E Mare Wine Bar at 315 Main Street

This championship contest is open to everyone but will feature a really hard puzzle, and some of the fastest puzzlers in the world will be there! 

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