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The Annoying Lack of Side Labels on Our Puzzles

We're hearing from more of you that it's a problem that our Artifact line doesn't have a side-label that you can use to organize your Artifact puzzles. Here's a visual of the problem from customer Karen J. (thanks for permission to share) - how are you supposed to know which one is which? 

Some good news is our newer Ecru line  does come with side labels on the long-side of the box. But to see those you still need to stack/organize your puzzles with the long-side of the box showing. 

We are hoping to have a solution to this in early 2020 where we engrave the side of our wood boxes with the puzzle name and piece count. 

However, we are mindful that any additional labeling will add to costs (and we do try to keep prices down), and that it won't fix the problem of organizing the puzzles you already have!

Here's one solution from customer Timothy Wright (thanks for permission to share): 

Side Labels Done Cheap

I’ve been thinking this through; hidden around here I have an assortment of Avery Laser Printer Labels.  One never knows when I may have to suddenly label a 5.25” floppy disk.

Turns out a blue Artifact puzzle box is 1.5” deep.  Some tiny boxes are not that long, maybe only 6” long.  

The old Avery 5197 labels for floppy disks  in particular are 1.5” x 4” and 12 to a sheet. 

Avery 5262 labels are a modern alternative that also works great, at 1 1/3" x 4"  and 14 to a sheet, and you can download a template for your printer from here.

I have a spreadsheet I use to keep track of which Artifact Puzzles I've already got. I've 

This made it easy to copy-and-paste the artist name on line one and the puzzle name on line two.

Example Label:

Kevin Sloan
Migration of Knowledge

A size 20 font worked out for me with the font Palatino Linotype, it accommodated even the longest item tags and permits 3 lines of text.

If I wanted to maybe I could use a longer label, have a place for piece count, finished dimensions and even an image thumbnail. 

But I finished labeling my sizable collection my way in less than an hour using what I already owned.

Here are some photos:

I know folks with alphabetized spice racks, I may alphabetize my puzzles!


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  • JoAnne on

    I use a sharpie to write the name of the puzzle on the little square label that is used to seal the box. This makes it easy to identify the puzzle. I also organize them in my “puzzle closet” by box size/type. After I group them by piece count and difficulty, I just place them on the shelves. This system makes it easy to quickly find a puzzle that suits my mood.

  • Barb on

    I personally don’t need side labels, but why not just include one in the box so that people who do want to use them can put them on whichever side they want? That would probably also be less costly than affixing them in a certain location yourself. Just a thought.

    My puzzle-hoarding self appreciated seeing that picture.

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