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Thanks for your Help on Getting Medical Supplies to Ukraine (Ongoing!)

Thanks everyone who's picked-up our awesome new puzzle Swordfight by Ukrainian artist Valentin Rekunenko. We're donating $10 for emergency medical supplies to Ukraine for each one sold by March 31st, but because the need is so urgent there, we aren't waiting that long, and we're happy to say we just donated the first $1,000 to the California-based non-profit Direct Relief, who specializes in getting emergency medical supplies where they are needed across the globe. 

Direct Relief has already sent 30 tons of emergency medical supplies to Ukraine to meet requests by the Ukraine Ministry of Health to Ukraine.

There's still time to participate! To help out, buy Swordfight by March 31, and we'll donate $10 of the purchase price. Or you can donate yourself to Direct Relief here.

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