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Sneak Peak at new Jim Flora "Tenement K" Puzzle

We are excited to bring you another puzzle from artist Jim Flora!

Tenement K will be our second puzzle featuring this artist's painting.

You might not know Jim Flora's paintings, but you probably recognize the signature style he developed, which has inspired many artists since. Jim Flora is kind of a big deal. 

Flora is "best-known for his wild jazz and classical album covers for Columbia Records (late 1940s) and RCA Victor (1950s)" ( Pretty cool, huh?

This new puzzle was designed by Steve Simpson and has themed whimsies imitating Jim flora artwork, and the connectors are fun and cartoony. As for difficulty, the puzzle is average, maybe a little on the easy side, but not too easy as the artwork is pretty busy.

Design is in the final stages and should be in stock by the end of Summer.

WARNING: This image features serious and potentially objectionable "cartoon nudity" and is probably not appropriate for most kids.

Happy Puzzling!

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