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Steven Johnson's New Book: Far-sighted Decision Making

Steven Johnson is one of the best pop-tech thinkers and writers we have on the planet these days, perhaps best known for his short but compelling "Everything Bad is Good For You" book, and his fun history of 6 modern innovations, How We got To Now which was made into a light documentary free with amazon prime.  But the book we respect him for the most and really recommend if you're an innovator is Where Do Good Ideas Come From.

So we're super excited that his new book is about to land, and that he's hitting one of our favorite topics: decision-making. It's called Far-sighted, How We Make the Decisions that Matter Most.   

Here's hoping it's as awesome as the Heath Brothers recent book Decisive: How To Make Better Choices in Life and Work, which is the one of the most useful books I've ever read. 

If you're already a Johnson fan, consider pre-ordering Far-sighted, according to Johnson's blog, the way the book industry works these days is that pre-orders really help a book get the buzz it needs. 

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