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Steroids help cope with Covid! (But you still don't want to get it)

The idea that injecting steroids can help reduce the effects of covid on the body has been kicking around for a while, with more and more studies accumulating.

The exciting news is that new WHO-backed meta-analysis agrees with many of the smaller studies: that ~1/3 of deaths might be prevented using steroids.   

This is great news, but note this isn't a cure  (it's just a way to help the body cope with covid) and it doesn't work magic for everyone. 

Statnews says "After 28 days,

  1. 33% of the steroid-treated patients had died, compared to
  2. 41% of the patients on usual care or a placebo." 

That's wonderful, but not a silver bullet, and it doesn't say what happened longer-term. 

So this is going to be one important tool in the toolbox, but we've still got a major problem - so please stay vigilant!

We look forward to further studies figuring out how this strategy interacts with other tools and works for different people.   


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