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Sneek Peek at Grant Haffner Volcano Number 3

Our upcoming puzzle Grant Haffner Volcano Number 3 has  fun dinosaur whimsies, but this one is not for the kiddies, it is really hard!

The dinosaur whimsies (by Matt Lyon) are enmeshed in a tessellation of unique tri-arrow pieces that connect like a three-way split tendril connector.

Each piece is just a bit different!

The tri-arrow pieces break up those clean horizontal lines that would have made this an easy puzzle if we'd used a different piece shape. 

The tri-arrow piece shape is also a commentary and a warning that there is law of progress: evolution and life doesn't just go one way, like the dinosaurs who evolved to reign the planet, until they didn't. 

This puzzle has an irregular edge, but you'll be able to spot most of the edge pieces, though part of the edge is quite whimsical and you'll just have to wait to see it :). 

We should have this in-stock early July, you can sign-up to get notified here.


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