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Sneak Peek: The Giver puzzle is almost ready

We expect to have our cheerful new Paul Bond The Giver puzzle in-stock in a couple of days! Below is a sneak peek at the puzzle design.

The puzzle is pretty big for us at 461 pieces, and it's a bit harder than average due to a slightly irregular edge and all that lovely floral background.

Tara Flannery designed a beautiful puzzle for this, with leaf and knob connectors and  themed whimsies - here's a sneak peek of some freshly laser-cut pieces:

And of course Tara included a few different chickens highlighting the many breeds:

- Serama Rooster and hen (Tall, chesty)

- Orpington on a nest 

- Brahma chicken (feathery feet)

- Silkie (super fluffy)

- Leghorn (long  legs!)

- Polish (crazy hair) 

We plan to have The Giver in-stock by end of March!

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