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Sneak Peek: Old Friend by Rachell Sumpter

We are releasing our fourth puzzle by artist Rachell Sumpter
Old Friend has vibrant colors of foliage wreath, laced with a rainbow-hued web.
"I was thinking of the all mighty World Wide Web, how it has transformed time, put us in contact with the past and people we might otherwise have let go and information we would otherwise not know. Not as a judgement on the internet but more of an observation of how it bypasses time and social norms." Sumpter said about the inspiration for this piece.
Old Friend will feature abstract pieces, an irregular edge and just 1 whimsy.
We are excited to bring you this fantastic painting as an Artifact Puzzle. It will be almost 300 pieces, and designed by Amy Tang. The puzzle should be available in October, just in time for Halloween. You can sign-up here to get notified - here's a sneak peek at the pieces:

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