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Sneak Peek: New Les Nabis Puzzle - Pittsburgh Sunset by Maurice Denis

Maurice Denis was a French painter famous for his work as part of the Les Nabis art group, a post-impressionist but still representational style that emphasized capturing a spiritual sense of a scene, rather than the sense of light that the impressionists had focused on. 

This spiritual aspect is obvious in his work, which is mostly beautiful colorful images of  French women bathing or in forests.  So we were surprised to discover Denis had also painted this spectacular Pittsburgh Sunset, with a colorful and sublime sense of awe: 

How did Denis end up painting one great Pittsburgh landscape? The story is he was in Pittsburgh for just a few days in 1927 to judge an art contest at the Carnegie Institute of Art.  

We are excited to bring you this fantastic painting as an Ecru puzzle. It will be almost 300 pieces, designed by Matt Lyons without whimsies but with cheerful geometric pieces. The actual puzzle should be available by end of July, you can sign-up here to get notified - here's a sneak peek at the pieces:


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