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Sneak Peek: New Huge Botanical Dreaming Puzzle

Our new huge color-blast puzzle Botanical Dreaming by Australian artist Sandi Rigby will come out this Friday April 8th!

It's 1,273 pieces come in one big wood box, but the artwork is actually three separate panels - a tryptych  - as pictured here, but our puzzle has a gorgeous drop-out edge (not shown!) we're leaving as a surprise: 

The image is a highly-detailed bonanza of flowers and leaves and botanicals, with just a few creatures peaking through - here's a close-up of the image:

The puzzle design by David Figurieas is popping with dreaming-themed whimsies and multi-piece whimsies, and David's signature diverse connectors will keep your brain juices flowing - here's a rather lousy sneak peek -  we'll try to post some better images soon on the product page!

We'll be launching this puzzle and 3 other brand new puzzles this Friday, so check back this weekend for fun puzzling adventures!

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