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Sneak Peek: Beautiful New Puzzle - Wild Moor by Rachel Sumpter

Rachel Sumpter blends colors into rich palettes, then weaves in exquisite fine details. Her Wild Moor (pictured below) is one such incredible artwork, and we're excited to have turned it into one of our most beautiful puzzles ever using our Ecru process to keep the puzzle lines subdued so the image really pops. 

Below is a sneak peek at the pieces - after some agonizing about what sort of puzzle design would be best for this, puzzle designer Jef Bambas went for a Scottish theme for this moor, with simple but curvaceous pieces, diverse intricate connectors, and an irregular edge. It's 260 pieces, and having alpha-tested it myself I'd call it average hard, and just a beautiful and relaxing experience to do.  

This one should be in-stock in 2-4 weeks, click here to sign up to be notified.

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