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Sneak Peek at new Van Gogh Pont de Trinquetaille

Some of Vincent Van Gogh's most iconic paintings are from his time in Arles, France, as is our new 327 piece puzzle, Van Gogh's Pont de Trinquetaille, which you'll be able to buy here starting mid-July.   

Van Gogh described it in a letter as having an absinthe-colored sky and river:  

You can read more about the characters in the painting, like that ghostly girl in the foreground, in the art newspaper article on this painting. 

The painting recently sold at auction by Christie's for $37 million. 

Our puzzle is average hard, just relaxing for a summer's day. Puzzle designers Ashley Boyd and Chandler Millwood collaborated on this design.

The puzzle has lots of 1888 France themed whimsies, earlet connectors, and a straight edge.  

Here's a sneak peek at some pieces, piled-up in a grid of piles-of-5 to get the final piece count:


We had Ashley Boyd and Chandler Millwood collaborate on the puzzle design. 

This is our 11th Van Gogh puzzle, click through and sign-up to get notified when our other Van Gogh puzzles are back in-stock. 

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