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Sneak Peek at New Super-Hard Louis Wain Kaleidscope Cat (Ecru)

We'll have this new super-hard 466 pieces Ecru puzzle in-stock December 4th, it's Louis Wain's Kaleidoscope Cat.

You can see Louis Wain captures the cat's sense of self-importance in his radiant painting, but also when you look into those green cat eyes, you see the inscrutable quasi-psychedelic cat behavior.

Our puzzle design for this one is really hard!  (Okay, but not as hard as Plum Blossoms or Fishies, but still, a real challenge).

The pieces are playful, but it's hard to see where they fit! Here's a sneak peek:

This puzzle has a chaotic, playful irregular edge that will keep you guessing.

It does have a handful of silly cat whimsies, here's a peek at our star cat, its lion genes, and the spilled milk:

This darn well better be in-stock by December 4th, hopefully a day or two earlier than that, but if you really want to know, sign-up to get an email notification.



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