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Sneak Peek at New Poets By A Winding Stream Puzzle (really hard!)

We'll have the new Hara Zaichu puzzle in-stock in about a week, titled Poets By A Winding Stream.

According to the Met, this is an illustration of a famous gathering of 41 poets in 303 A.D., organized by the legendary calligrapher Wang Xizhi.

Xizhi's event was so successful it became a party theme called a Winding Stream Party, where people sit around a winding stream composing poetry, and glasses of rice wine are floated to them. 

Next time you are at a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant, consider it your own winding stream party and rustle up some haiku while you wait for that perfect dish! 

Painter Hara Zaichu put in lots of exquisite details, here's a couple zoomed-in shots, the painting doesn't let us zoom in any further though one would like to!

Here's a close-up of a poet grabbing his glass of rice wine out of the stream:

This is such a highly-detailed and beautiful work that for the puzzle design we decided to give it non-unique connectors to make it really hard and encourage you to focus on the image.

It's only 140 pieces, but it's a challenge because there are only two distinct connectors, these pretty bannister knobs - here's a sneak peek:

A few themed whimsies helps keep you moving along though!  Puzzle design by Matt Lyon (whimsies) and Jim Muller (connectors). 

In-stock around September 24th, you can sign-up here to get an email once it's available.




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