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Sneak Peek at New Pietrzyk Puzzle Lunar Concert

We'll have a bunch of new puzzles in-stock roughly June 3rd, you can find the all on our Coming Soon page.

Our new puzzle by Polish painter Tomasz Pietrzyk is an exuberant celebration of the magic of music called Lunar Concert.

It harmonizes 416 pieces, which is a great size to do as a family over a weekend. 

Here's a zoomed-in look at the conductor so you can see this puzzle has lots of fun and colorful details:

The puzzle design by Tara Flannery has a wonderfully whimsical edge (which we'll keep as a surprise!). Here's a sneak peek at the pieces:

And a look at some of the awesome whimsies:

This one will be in-stock June 3rd, you can sign-up here to get an email notification once it's available to purchase.


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