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Sneak Peek at New Nadieh Bremer Nebulium

Our upcoming Nadieh Bremer puzzle Nebulium is an explosive star of color! It will be in-stock late October.

Nadieh Bremer is a Dutch artist and data visualization geek.

It will be in-stock late October. 

It's just 147 pieces, but the irregular edge following the star shape and the fact that the colors are all-over-the-place make it a satisfying puzzle for adult puzzlers who prefer a smaller puzzle for time or space reasons.

Personally, I like smaller puzzles because I get a big kick out of finishing things and getting to feel that sense of accomplishment. 

Chandler Millwood designed quite unique diverse piece shapes for this one, with a 9-fold symmetry that follows the image, but every piece is a bit unique. 

Here's a sneak peek at some of the pieces:

Nebulium will be in-stock late October, sign-up here to get an email notification. 


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