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Sneak Peek at New Louis Wain Three Kittens Puzzle

We are finalizing the new Louis Wain Three Kittens puzzle, and plan to have it in-stock in September!

Louis Wain was a famous cat artist about a century ago, whose paintings ranged from the adorable (like Three Kittens), to comic anthropomorphic cats like Cat Town Races, to increasingly abstract like his Kaleidoscope Cat series. 

Louis Wain was made newly famous again when he was played by Benedict Cumberbach in a recent movie that highlights the complexity of his mental health problems, as well as his romance and cat painting fame and antics.

The movie got decent ratings (IMDB score of 6.8 out of 10) - here's the trailer if you want a peek at it, or this article does a great job telling you about his art and life.

Each of our three Louis Wain cat puzzles features a different style of his cat imagery, and a different type of puzzle design by a different puzzle designer! 

The upcoming Three Kittens puzzle will have around 200 pieces, and the puzzle design by Marcelle Jay Iremedio has a whimiscal irregular edge, irregular pieces with a few different connector shapes, and lots of kitten interaction whimsies, like this kitten swatting his brother:

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