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Sneak Peek at New Liv Wan Africa Map

We've got a bunch of puzzles coming into stock late October on a big truck from our Fremont factory. 

The biggest will be the new Liv Wan Africa Map puzzle, at 440 pieces. 

Like our other Liv Wan maps, this an educational and cheery puzzle.

We love Liv Wan's maps because she labels the important stuff in big clear letters, but also has lots of great pictures, especially of regional foods. 

Puzzling her maps is just a great way to learn about the world:


Here's a look around Kenya, where you can see she's captured some of the important regional tribes and geography:

Matt Lyon put in lots and lots of whimsy pieces celebrating a sampling of the people and animals and artifacts of Africa.

Jim and I created simple square-ish pieces with mostly knob connectors that don't get in the way of the map.

Here's some sneak peeks at the pieces:

The African phrase that Americans are most familiar is probably Hakuna matata, which means "have no troubles" and was made famous by the Lion King.

I recommend one of my favorite Swahili phrases for this puzzle: Haraka haraka haina baraka, which literally means, "hurry hurry has no blessings".  This phrase is usually used to mean, "take your time and do it right, hurrying may only lead to mistakes or risks."  Especially pre-20th century, but even now, the savannah could be a very dangerous place, and it was better to take your time then get eaten by a lion!

Happily, with this puzzle there's really nothing that can go wrong, but take your time and enjoy the fun experience!

You can sign-up for an email notification when Africa Map is in-stock here.


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