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Sneak Peek at new Jim Flora Tampico Puzzle

Tampico! Is a fun word to say, and it's the name of a Mexican city, which was the inspiration for this 1970 cartoonishly-provocative abstract painting by the jazzy mid-century artist Jim Flora:

Our new Tampico puzzle has 296 abstract pieces inspired by the painting. In fact, puzzle designer Chandler Millwood has created a whole new puzzle piece style for this image, characterized by a mix of pieces with very large connectory abstract shapes that echo the image, and pieces with more traditional T-shaped and t-shaped connectors.

Here's a sneak peek at this Flora-icious new piece style:

This style of piece holds together tight, because the more abstract pieces act like big split connectors. But it's also a bit more challenging than more standard piece shapes. Overall, we'd call this puzzle a bit harder than average, but there are clear colors to the image and it has a straight edge, so this one won't be too hard.

Tampico will be in-stock in about 2 weeks, enter your email here if you'd like to be notified once it's available. 

This is our 5th Jim Flora puzzle, each with different fun puzzle piece shapes - check them all out here

The official name of this artwork is G3 in Tampico, though even the amazing archivists at Jim Flora don't seem to know what the G3 part refers to. But they do have a great print version if you'd like this one for your wall:  the Jim Flora website.

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