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Sneak Peek at New Fred Lisaius Every Little Thing

Jim and I really enjoyed alpha-testing this new puzzle with this sublime artwork by Seattle artist Fred Lisaius called Every Little Thing - this was one of those puzzles where you say "Okay let's call it a night..." but then 20 minutes later you're still puzzling!

The colors are lush, and the pieces are entrancing - puzzle designer Chandler Millwood came up with a unique two-handed-spiral tessellation for this, here's a sneak peek:

These pieces look elegant on your table, and they have some of the challenge of split tendril connector pieces, but are much easier.  Overall, this is an average-hard puzzle. 

It is a bit "loose" though, and definitely looser than our average puzzle, so if you hate puzzles where bumping the table can cause some pieces to jiggle out of place, this one might annoy you.

It's loose both due to the piece shapes, and because we stitched in a whole camp full of outdoor fun whimsies, hikers and river rafters and fisherman and bears and a pack llama and more! 

Another puzzling note: the knob connectors you see are mostly on the small side. I hate too-tiny knobs, so these aren't "too tiny" but they are on the small side. 

We'll have this one in-stock mid-September - sign-up here to get an email notification.

Here's one last sneak peek:



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