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Sneak Peek at New 1,500 Piece Farm To Table Puzzle

Jim and I are "hard at work" alpha-testing the upcoming huge Farm to Table puzzle!

Artist Steve Skelton put so many details into this that we felt it needed almost 1,500 pieces to do the image justice! 

In fact, the Hoefnagel Puzzle Club loans-out a 500-ish piece puzzle of this image by Stave Puzzles, but club members complain 500 pieces is too small to really enjoy the image. 

So we went 3x bigger!

I mean, you don't want to miss the skunk kayaking, right? See him?


Completed it'll be roughly 33" wide and 20" high. 

It's a cheery, colorful sight on your table, but 1,500 pieces is truly a table-full of pieces!  


Also, because the image is so rich, we decided to do fairly simple square pieces with simple cartoony knob connectors, and Jim and I are indeed finding that piece style to be a fun match for this image. 

Here's a sneak peek where you can see each piece gets a decent amount of image, and the connectors and cutlines don't clutter things up:

And we did a straight edge so we don't cut-off any more image detail than necessary:

What I'm not showing here are the whimsy pieces - we're still testing and iterating on those! 

We're taking advantage of the space to do some extra creative whimsy scenes and multi-piece whimsies themed to the image. 

But, we don't want to put in too many whimsies, or the puzzle will get too easy and loose.

Right now, we're aiming this one to be average difficult, it's more about searching for the pieces you need ("Anyone seen the other half of the bulls-eye target?"). Once you find the right pieces, it's pretty easy to get them together.

This is definitely the easiest  of the huge puzzles we've done, it's aimed for great for doing together with your family at the holidays, or a big group of people like at a wedding party.

It'll make a great conversation starter and shared experience, but it's also an absorbing (if a bit easy) puzzling experience for those who solo puzzle!

A puzzle this big and complex takes time to get all the design & manufacturing details right, but we're hoping (which is like planning, but with more humility about the uncertainty of a project this big) to release it mid-August, probably for $249. Sign-up here to get an email notifying you once in-stock!


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