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Sneak Peak: New Ito Jakuchu Plum Blossoms Puzzle

We're pleased to provide a sneak peak of our newest puzzle: White Plum Blossoms and Moon by Ito Jakuchu. This painting dates to 1755 during the Edo period in Japan, and features plum tree branches bursting with white blossoms as they wrap around a tranquil moon. While the actual painting is located in the Metropolitan Museum of New York City, you'll now be able to fully explore this work at home as you piece it together as an Artifact puzzle!

Described as "devilishly hard" by our puzzle testers, this puzzle features an utterly unique design with sprawling vines and twisting bud pieces. David Figueras and Ashley Boyd have worked tirelessly to craft a design that is equal parts meditative and challenging. There are Japanese-themed whimsies sprinkled throughout the 311-piece puzzle that you can discover as well.

Plum Blossoms should be in stock in 2-4 weeks, so please keep an eye out! You may find it here, so make sure to sign up with your e-mail to be notified.

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