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Sneak Peak at Gunfight on the Roof by Jim Flora

We are gearing up for a big restock and a bunch of new puzzles will be available by early June!

Here is a sneak peak at the new 404-piece puzzle by the jazzy mid-century artist Jim Flora, his famous Gunfight on the Roof:

The puzzle pieces have Flora-esque inspired connectors and shapes (oh and there are guns and cartoon violence in this image):

Painted in the early 1950s, this painting features an urban rooftop gunfight in Flora's cartoon-like style.

The puzzle's edge is straight and its difficulty is average.

The energetic design by Matt Lyon has just a handful of themed whimsies mixed in among its uniquely shaped interlocking pieces, like these:

Gunfight on the Roof will be in-stock by early June, enter your email here if you'd like to be notified once it's available. 

This is our 5th Jim Flora puzzle, each with different fun puzzle piece shapes - check them all out here

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