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A Few Puzzles Available on!

Update: Today we had in-stock for a few hours but have now sold out of small batches of Galapalooga Bay  and Klimt Kiss.

Coming Soon: We will have another 6 or so puzzles in-stock in 0-5 more days on this website (details here).

Available now a few puzzles now in stock on, right now these ones:

Note there are also a couple "fake" / pirated puzzles with our brand name in the title on amazon right now using Kevin Sloan's Consequences of Hypnosis image, but these are not our products!

They are illegally using our brand name, and illegally using Kevin Sloan's painting for an image (we verified with the painter Kevin Sloan that he did not license his image to them). 

We have complained to Amazon, who is trying not to sell fake products, but it's a long process to try to prove to Amazon that these are fakes. 

What can you do?

  • please don't buy these illegal puzzles
  • feel free to complain directly to amazon,
  • consider warning other customers via comments on the product

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