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Santa Claus puzzle back - sorry we couldn't wait any longer!

Our charm-atastic Santa Claus Delivery puzzle by Danish artist Iwona Lifsches with xmas-themed whimsies by Matt Lyon is back for the Holiday Season!

We tried to wait until after Thanksgiving to mention it, but people keep buying it now that it's in-stock, and I'm afraid we might run out by Thanksgiving, so if you want this one, go get one soon!  

We've got a few more winter-y puzzles as well:

new! Angie Rees Polar Express (if it's out of stock, it should be in-stock any second now):

and Angie Rees Skating Party:

and more seriously Christmas-y, Fra Angelico's Adoration of the Magi:

"This puzzle was beautiful and surprising. My entire family (ages 4-40) worked on the puzzle and I exclaimed with glee at the ending." - Mary

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