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Puzzling Disabilities (A Guest Blog Post)

This is a guest blog post from puzzle investor Timothy Wright: 
I have known several remarkable “disabled” folks over the years.  I use the highly inaccurate term “disabled” in quotes because of my poor vocabulary.  I once gave a dear friend a job recommendation.  He is stone deaf, he reads lips.  He works very hard to listen.  So the bank where he applied calls me and asks: “Do you see any way this will affect his work?”
“O hell yea, he listens so hard he is like having a tape recorder in the room.  Eight weeks after a conversation he can quote you verbatim, not what you intended to express, but word for word precisely what you uttered.  Do you think that could be a problem?”  I said.  He got the job, perhaps in spite of my recommendation.  
They say Ray Charles never bothered with a service dog or white cane.  When asked he answered that he could hear the sound reflections from objects like curbs so he knew where and when to step up, step down or walk around.  Some blind folks process sound information in the visual cortex of their brain. 
Scientists can see with fMRI imaging that folks with some learning disabilities re-map parts of their brain to enhance their other senses.  By Grace, Life copes and overcomes when Nature fails.
My friend working her puzzles with 3 out of 4 light bulbs missing in the light fixture above her puzzle table may do better than most of us in the same situation.  She so often does her puzzles a second time face-down, just for the hell of it.  I’m told it is good practice if you are serious about developing jigsaw puzzles skills.  It doesn’t work well for her all the time; it is highly dependent on the puzzle - I wouldn't try that with Hokusai Dragon for example :). 
Not long ago I was stumped when a visually impaired person wrote me online to ask if I could recommend Artifact puzzles for those who could see, but are legally blind.  My considered answer was: “You have to try for yourself; it is the only way you will ever know is to try a simple Artifact puzzle and work up from there.” I wish he lived near me I’d like to lend (or give) him a puzzle. I'd start with the Dennis Brady - the image is hardly any help for that one anyways.
Are you doing jigsaw puzzles with your feet, prosthesis, or via Braille method?  Leave us your story in the comments.   The gifts our Creator gives to some, edify us all.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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