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Puzzle pieces are so satisfying

This is Reese, short for Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.

His owners tell us: He is a 4 month old Havanese and he adores chewing things.

In this picture, he is chewing on a bully stick but we also find him chewing on Jenga blocks, shoes, tissues, etc. 

A few mornings ago, my 6 year old son was helping me with a puzzle and he accidentally dropped a piece on the floor. Resse grabbed it within seconds and ran around the house with it. 

When we finally caught him, the puzzle piece was missing a corner. We're so sorry!

Luckily, we can usually replace dog-chewed pieces, and we won't even charge you the first time (though we'll certainly accept if you insist on covering the cost). 

But replacement pieces aren't 100% perfect,  and it's a hassle for everyone, so please be vigilant with your adorable puppies!

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