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Summer Time: Puzzling Outside!

Summer time is a great time to do a puzzle outside enjoying the fresh air.

Tip: If your outdoor table has slats, use a table cloth to make a nice flat surface. 

Medium size puzzles are best for outside play, as they can usually be completed in 30-120 minutes, depending how many folks are helping, but the simpler bigger puzzles (e.g. the Joe Vaux ones) are more fun for a larger group and also can be completed in 1-2 hours. 

For example, these folks had to "man the booth" at their team's sporting event and managed to do the Kessel Butterflies waiting for people to come by:

Our puzzles are pretty robust to outdoor play, but be wary of wind, babies/toddlers, and dogs! Our puzzle pieces are meant for kids 7 and up, and calm weather :). 



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