Artisanal wooden jigsaw puzzles. Made in the USA. FREE USA shipping.
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Our Instant Gift Options

We have two gifts you can get instantly, a Gift Card, or a membership to the private library for luxury jigsaw puzzles, the Hoefnagel Puzzle Club

Our gift cards are awesome:

  • they'll enjoy shopping for a puzzle they want more than you will
  • we instantly email you a secret code that you can forward to them with a note, or write into a old-school card
  • priced from $3 to $500
  • never expires

The Hoefnagel Puzzle Club starts at $225 for a 6 month membership with unlimited access to our fantastic wooden jigsaw puzzle library of over 2,000 of the world's best wooden jigsaw puzzles, from over 50 puzzle-makers from all over the world, including the best hand-cutters like Stave Puzzles.

Hoefnagel also charges $9.95 in shipping for each pack of 2 puzzles rented, so consider also getting the a gift card for, like $50 to cover their shipping fees.

Gifting Hoefnagel? You must email us at with:

  • the email of the person you are gifting it to   
  • what day you want them notified (and the membership started)
  • any gift message

If you'd like to get someone a Hoefnagel membership and cover all their shipping charges, buy their membership instead off the Hoefnagel page, and they will hold your credit card on file for the shipping charges. 

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