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Our Best Rated Puzzles of 2022

Happy New Year!  We came out with a record 61 new puzzles in 2022, here are the five 2022 puzzles that got the best ratings (note this isn't really a fair comparison as puzzles that came out earlier in 2022 were more likely to get more reviews):

Floating Town by Roch Urbaniak, 228 pieces, $65

"This puzzle has it all: bright, beautiful colors, super-interesting and unique piece shapes, lovely image and just the right amount of challenge. " - Margaret



Erin Hanson's Dawning Saguaro, 418 pieces, $104

"took me by surprise with its beauty and its high level of difficulty." - Barbara H.


Ryoko's Meditating Skeleton, 81 pieces, $36

"fiendishly diabolical"  - Barb

"tricky yet fun" - Rosemary Roberts


Kozyndan's Forest Dream, 216 pieces, $64

"such a peaceful scene" - Rachel and Aaron

"a delightful, leisurely ramble" - Barb and Larry



Grant Haffner's Volcano No. 3, $77, 285 pieces

Check out all our newest puzzles here, and you can see the future of puzzling on our Coming Eventually page, like this upcoming puzzle by Seattle artist Stasia Burrington celebrating grabbing a little me-time to relax!





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