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Nominate Your Favorite Customer Reviews for our 2022 Customer Review Writing Contest

Our 2022 Customer Review Writing Contest has moved into the judging phase. 

You can nominate any customer reviews here that you found especially helpful, insightful, inspiring, or just sparked joy. 

Whose Judging? Judges are past winners of this contest, and puzzle collectors (not us). 

Which Reviews? Any review on this website written in 2022 is eligible for an award. 

Prizes? Yes, we will give out 12 awards, with prizes of $50 gift code. 

Please nominate your favorite reviews by November 30th.

More Details:

  • Can I nominate my own reviews? Yes, we don't want to miss any good reviews, go for it! And the nominations are anonymous, so we won't even notice ;) 
  • Do I have to log-in to nominate a review? Nope, just go here and give us the puzzle name and reviewer name.
  • Can I nominate multiple reviews? Yes, just go to the link once for each.
  • Can someone win twice? Past winners are eligible again, but we will try to make our 12 winners all different people. 

How do you know who wrote each review? Customer reviews on our website are in fact anonymous, but in past years we've had around 90% success finding the winners by publishing the winning reviews, and reaching out to customers whose purchase history matches the review writer name, e.g. if a review is written by "Ravi in Bismarck" who has written 3 reviews for particular puzzles, we can probably figure out from the name and order history who that is and reach out to them. 

No purchase necessary to enter or win.


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