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New Year, New Puzzles

Happy New Year, everyone! We hope that everyone is getting a good jump on their resolutions so far. We already have four new puzzles that have been launch since January 1st. Here they are:

"Monastery" is a real treat because the artist, Matt Lyon, is also the designer for this puzzle. This one features an irregular edge that is absolutely magical!

"Squirrels" is definitely a puzzle to go nuts over! This one has a great classic puzzle pieces, a fun edge, and squirrel-tasic whimsies!  

Designed by David Figueiras, "Jazz Quintet" is as unique and interesting as the jazz songs it is representing. Huge fans of this one!

We are paw-sitive you'll love this one! "Creature Comforts" comes straight to you from the genius puzzle designing brain of Tara Flannery. Lovely, sophisticated connectors and whimsies of man's best friend makes this one a top pedigree puzzle!


Happy Puzzling All!

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