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New Stumpcraft Puzzles Available

We are continuing our 2022 partnership with another high-quality wooden jigsaw puzzle company, Stumpcraft Puzzles of Canadato make it easier to get their high-quality puzzles here in the States in 2-10 days and with free shipping at the same price you'd pay in Canada. 

We just got a new batch of their puzzles in - see below!


We don't have a lot of reviews yet for Stumpcraft Puzzles (hint hint), but here's what our customers have said so far about Stumpcraft:

Stumpcraft Lotus Kids:

"This is a beautiful and fiendishly tricky puzzle. We love Artifact puzzles and stumpfest does not disappoint! Gorgeous colors and so much fun to assemble..."   -- Jen5

"This is one of the most beautiful puzzles I've collected..."  --Denise Dalrymple

Stumpcraft Badlands:

"... It was a joy to work on. Because it is printed directly on the wood, the color is extra beautiful and rich to look at. The cut of the puzzle is very clever- a lot of cutting on the line, for example and dinosaur themed whimsies. I loved the difficulty..."  --Sandra


Newest Stumpcraft Puzzles Now In-Stock:




Like our puzzles (Artifact and Ecru), every Stumpcraft Puzzle is a bit different, with interesting themed designs. Here's a peek:



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