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New Puzzle: Sailing Round the Mount by Claire Henley

Our new Sailing Round the Mount puzzle by British painter Claire Henley is a cheery 255 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle featuring dozens of themed whimsies throughout the bright seascape. The simple straight edge and reverse-mushroom curl connectors belie the complexity and detail in Tara Flannery's design, which hints at endless aquatic adventures.

Funny thing happened as we went to finalize this - there's a whimsy of two palm trees that looks great if we drop-out the small piece in-between the palm trees. But it was tempting to leave that in as a piece, rather than drop it out. We went back-and-forth on this minor artistic detail so long that in the end ... we mis-communicated about it - the box sticker got printed up at 256 pieces, but the first batch of this puzzle got made dropping-out that little piece (for a total of 255 pieces).  So we added a note to the first batch saying that there are only 255 pieces in the box (correctly).  We really hope this doesn't cause a lot of confusion...




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