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New Puzzle: Flapper Flora Stettheimer's Asbury Park

We are pleased to bring you Flora Stettheimer's  Asbury Park South as a quickie 100-piece you-need-a-break puzzle.  

Asbury Park South was painted in 1920 of the New Jersey boardwalk and beach scene, full of upper-class and middle-class early African-Americans:

Here's a zoom-in on the bottom-right:

Florine Stettheimer of New York was an artist and socialite in the early 20th century who is famous for her contemporary embrace of all sorts of people who weren't quite accepted back then.  

She was famously chose not to marry, because heck, she was rich, and a husband would probably just cramp her style. She was called a feminist for her support of women's right to vote (which passed in the US in 1920). 

Florine Stettheimer painted herself into the picture - she's the shy woman with the green parasol below. Her friend and artist provocateur Marcel Duchamp (who three years before showed a toilet as art) is nearby in a magenta suit:

There's a whole new hot biography out this month about Florine Stettheimer if you'd like to know a lot more.

We'd have loved to do a larger puzzle, but couldn't get a good enough image to make it more than 100 pieces (the painting was gifted to Fisk University, but sold to a private collector a few years back when Fisk felt like they had no choice).

Puzzle designer Jef Bambas gave it some simple pieces with knob connectors and some hipster whimsies inspired by the image - take a peek:




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